Medical Nudity

I thought that this was a common viewpoint, but I am learning that it is not. If you are sick/hurt, and I assist you in receiving care etc, and I see your nether-regions exposed — it DOES NOT really count. I don’t see how washing someone’s body because they are too ill and weak to […]

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A New obsession

All of the time in bed resting from the latest complication of health has brought me to a new obsession – Fan Fiction. I have known of it’s existence for a long time, but never bothered to read any of it. It seemed sacrilegious to venture off of favorite Cannon. If an author, producer, etc […]

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Oral Communication

The point of communication is to relate a concept (either big or small), or experience through the use of words, voice inflection, tone, body posture, and gesticulations. The words mean nothing until interpreted by the receiver. So, in other words, communication is all about knowing your audience. Accuracy is tantamount, but not the end all […]

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A Trip Through the ER and ICU

Just now getting my wits about me again to start writing. I sprung a few pinhole bleeds in my G.I. tract, and everybody freaked out; not that I disagree at all in their reaction or in their alarm. It’s going to take me a bit to recover from this. Medical changes always do – and […]

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10+ Years

Trends have come and gone, and I remain a skeptic. Pharmaceuticals have come into incredible popularity, then faded into the world of lawyers and lawsuits. I have a tendency to not trust any chemical that hasn’t been on the open market for at least 10 years. I’m glad my Dr. understands my hesitation. Unless it’s […]

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You Look Normal……

An innocuous enough statement, is it not? I work very hard to present as normal to the outside world, but when the veneer cracks, … we go. ‘You can’t be sick, you look normal’. Looking normal does not negate my illness. ‘You’re Dr. must be a quack! There’s no documented evidence of such illness being […]

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