Year of Firsts

If you have even seen a pack of Tarot cards, you’ll find that the card of Death represents change.  So Death = change. That is a truth whether you believe in tarot or not. Death = Change. More so in death than any other loss is what I call the ‘year of firsts’. The first […]

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Bed Bugs

One of the dirty little secrets of Caregiving, is Bed bugs happen. Bed bugs are becoming a more and more common thing. When you have people going in and out of someone’s home – you open yourself up to them accidentally bringing all sorts of bugs with them. Recently, one of my patients was found […]

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I have stated before that this country is obsessed with weight. It is better to be sick, starving, hateful, bitter, manipulative, dishonest, etc — cause, ‘ At least she’s not fat’! Really? I know several women who have had serious health issues disregarded by Dr.s cause it was blamed on their weight. Your knee hurts? […]

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100 posts

This post is my 100th blog entry. If you have made it this far, congratulations – it can get a little intense around here. I am watching as this little blog on the internet is slowly getting a little attention, and is growing very month. Thank you.

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I drive an old car. She is 17 years old and has nearly 275,000 miles on her. Her title says she’s blue – the person who decided that is color blind. It is gray. gray, drab, and as sullen as Eyeore on an Overcast day. She has mechanical issues from time to time, but overall […]

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Unintended Consequences

I heard it for the first time when I went to get my name changed on my driver’s license, ‘If this name change is due to gender reassignment surgery, the state will be unable to assist you’. It was a statement, not a question. Startled, my not all that shocked, I offered to show my […]

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