Those Left Behind

I have planned my funeral a lot. I’ve had a legally binding Will since I was 19. I’m not obsessed with death – at least I don’t think I am – but I have had circumstances throughout my life that has led me to think that the Veil is where I’m headed. We’re all going […]

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A Crappy First Date

Through an online dating site, I have chatted with a few men. Most of the conversations do not last more than a few minutes. I have a specific list of deal-breakers, and most guys stumble into them quickly. However, there has been one man that passed the written English competency requirement, and a meet had […]

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July’s final Adventure

How quickly the days run by us as we become overwhelmed by the day to day bullshit. How can it be the end of July already? Disbelief or not, it is – summer is quickly coming to an end, and the scent of cafeteria food and the sounds of class bells are quickly approaching. I […]

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car

On most adventures, I rent a car. My car is old and I don’t wish to put the added stress on it. I also don’t trust all mechanics, and I don’t know any out of town – so just another reason to want to try to avoid a breakdown. We always rent through Enterprise, and […]

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Such an Adventure!

Adventures don’t have to be huge affairs, just getting out there and doing is enough! Such was today!   After the Roommate was dropped off at work for the weekend, we hit the local park for my traditional walk/run/Poke-hunt. With Princess in attendance, I could not keep my pace. She does not like how my […]

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