What I Miss about Gluten

The biggest thing I miss about gluten is the ease of eating. Gluten is in everything – not just bread products. Many prepared foods have gluten in it as a thickener, and most sauces do as well. I can’t just run into the kitchen and make a sandwich. I can’t just grab a can and […]

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I Don’t Care

if you are gay, straight, asexual, or undecided….. if you married, single, divorced, cohabiting, or somewhere in between…. if you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between…. if you like metal, or country, or classical, or pop, or any genre of music, or no music…. if you have a giant family, or are an only […]

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Finding a Diagnosis

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle of getting a diagnosis is finding a Doctor who will take your symptoms seriously. Too many people have been dismissed because of demographics. The studies are out there…patients get disregarded and sent out of the office because they are female, their BMI is too big a number, women of minorities have […]

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American Thanksgiving

For those of you who celebrate, may you find yourself surrounded by those who love you. If you find yourself alone, and you don’t want to be-speak out…and ask. I know few who would not find a plate and a chair for you to be at.

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The Blogging Continues

I watch as my little tiny blog continues to gather likes and followers. Welcome and thank you. I like my little tiny corner of oddball-weird-randomness. I like having a place where I can express myself and share a bit of our goings on…. Thanks.

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3 years, and Counting….

Three years – time we were told that I wouldn’t have. All discussed at the Christmas Party. Although we’ve had the party for more than three years, these last three have been the most notable since I was told I wouldn’t be here. I continue to improve. The first year, I was barely awake on […]

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Annual Christmas Party

Every year, about a week or two before Halloween, I hold my annual Christmas party. It involves food, Christmas music, and putting up my tree.The attendants are always the same. My BFF, and whatever kids we have at home. It’s been like growing up pics with them. Due to a mouse infestation of the old […]

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