I don’t understand. Yes, It is flu. Yes, it is a strain previously unknown. …but these mutated strains pop up every few years… The flu strains we do know kills thousands every year, and we all bear it. It sweeps through and we press on. It sweeps through every year. I do not understand why […]

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i am intimidating

Me? Intimidating? SURELY you jest!!!? <me looking around to see if there’s someone standing behind me> I am so independent that I don’t need a man. (A combined statement from previous relationships) I have this huge level of self-confidence (all an act, I assure you)…..etc. I am a 5 foot ball of marshmallow fluff filled […]

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Goodbye Sucks

It was years from the initial diagnosis of Cancer until my Grandfather’s death. While the specter of death loomed over us the whole time, we could clearly see it’s path for about 6 months. Daddy’s health decline and death happened in a day. When my brother died, it was instant; in front of my eyes. […]

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I’ve been up since 6:30A and while that is nothing in and of itself anything new, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something up that I am not fully aware of. I have already made breakfast, washed the dishes, cleaned the counters, gotten dressed for the day, caught up my email, packed the car […]

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Straight Line Winds

**An addition to the series…Why my Guardian Angels drink.** For five years it sat, exactly 48″ from the house; the width of the mower. Directly behind it was a 250 gallon propane tank. The right side was covered with a spray paint graffiti of a Phoenix; cover what the stupid teenage neighbor did to it […]

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This is something I keep VERY close to the vest. I do not discuss it. Who I vote for is my affair and of no one else. I am protected by that write due to the constitution or some other similarly weighty legal document. When asked who I voted for in the last Presidential election, […]

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