I don’t understand. Yes, It is flu. Yes, it is a strain previously unknown. …but these mutated strains pop up every few years… The flu strains we do know kills thousands every year, and we all bear it. It sweeps through and we press on. It sweeps through every year. I do not understand why […]

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Why the Anger?

I don’t understand why strangers will totally go off on me for no perceived reason. I don’t understand why people think it is OK to verbally attack people. Not only a stranger, but with minimal provication. I was told by friends that this was an occurrence that happened to me more than others. But then […]

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Rush Limbaugh has Cancer

Love him, hate him, or look at him with indifference – treat him as the human he is. His path is about to be hellous. In flipping around the radio I heard everything from celebrations, to Praising God for smiting a conservative, to a (presumptive) eulogy. What he is, is one of the 1.8 million […]

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I’m confused.

I lack understanding. I understand that there’s some things I don’t understand .. but how on Earth can we receive more likes than page views on a post? Addendum: A special thank you to those who wrote and explained it to me.

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A Disturbing Trend

**An article in the “caring for the elderly” series** I have worked in the high care level of Senior Care for the better part of a decade. In that time, I have watched as the quality of people available for hire has diminished. Maybe that’s not fully true. Back at my orientation, the head of […]

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I work in a medium sized company. Home Hospice will hire anyone with clean record, a clean drug test, and the fortitude to keep the dying clean and comfortable. Every nationality, origin, and some handicapped persons. Standing in force, the 400 +/- is truly a rainbow. Some were born in this country, but not all. […]

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WARNING: SENSITIVE TOPICS AND/OR HARSH LANGUAGE There’s something I don’t understand. Why is it standard to blame the woman? I was knifed by my (now ex-)husband. I drove myself to an Urgent Care Center (not recommended). A female police officer asked me why I let him do that. LET HIM DO THAT? LET? SERIOUSLY? Eventually, […]

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