Review of Papa Murphy’s

A friend of mine told me that Papa Murphy( a chain of we make- you bake pizzas) recently told me that they had gluten free options. On a lark, without doing any further research, I decided to check it out. There was no one in the store, save a single employee at the pizza assembly […]

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An Award from Work

I received the call nearly a month ago. I was told I was receiving employee of the year, and I could invite anyone I wanted to accompany me. Only Nerdling would be able to attend. Last week, they called again saying I was to receive an award. I was to arrive at a certain time […]

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…But We Just Said Hello

He yelled from the bathroom and I came running. Blood. blood in the commode. Blood down the walls of the toilet. His face pale with fear – I started packing a bag for him and for me and the hospital. Before we left, he released more blood into the toilet. I handled everything much more […]

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It started here: Then it continued here: And then, here:  / Not a word was said about the additional locks. However, I can no longer count on anything staying in the fridge. My place is to maintain Nerdling’s weight – not hers. I shouldn’t have to haul those groceries with us when we […]

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Olive Garden’s Gluten Free Menu

I was given a gift certificate to Olive Garden for my birthday. My initial knee-jerk was, ‘ regift it, pass it on. There’s nothing there for me.’ However, I checked out their website where they were trumpeting the new availability of gluten free pasta, shown with multiple pictures of various pasta dishes in the background. […]

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