Gluten Makes Me Sick

The exact diagnosis is irrelevant. The symptoms can be severe. It’s not all in my head. It’s not some eating trend of the year; at least not for me. However, those who choose to drop gluten by choice push the market to offer more choices for me. It makes life a little more complicated; but […]

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What I Miss about Gluten

The biggest thing I miss about gluten is the ease of eating. Gluten is in everything – not just bread products. Many prepared foods have gluten in it as a thickener, and most sauces do as well. I can’t just run into the kitchen and make a sandwich. I can’t just grab a can and […]

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I’ve been craving quesadillas lately. Well, that’s out when you can’t have gluten. Ya, there’s tons of stuff out there catering to the no gluten crowd, but I’ve avoided it. I have heard phrases such as, ‘cardboard sadness’, and I decided to save the money and just not do the special made stuff. Who wants […]