Adding an Anti-Anxiety Med

Right before Covid precautions started shutting everything down, I finally gave into my Dr’s recommendations and started taking an anti-anxiety drug. Low dose. A dose so low it is below the recommended pediatric threshold/guidelines. The joke is that I don’t take a pill, I just lick it! With my boy’s hypersensitive nature towards meds, it […]

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Not Posting Much

There’s been some missed posts lately, and there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. With local businesses reopening, the child care issues that existed for co-workers after the schools shut down but before the service industry shut down have reemerged. That means that work is constantly contacting me for more shifts. That […]

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Gluten Free Take-Out

With Nerdling home all the time, I have been bringing in dinner on Wednesday nights for a carpet picnic. With the resolution of having a different restraunt every week without repeats, it has certainly been a challenge. The shut-down caught many businesses by surprise. To go containers and online ordering weren’t ready for a lot […]

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With the virus continuing to cause panic, there has been much discussion on whether or not to cancel the trip. We have decided not to, at least not at this time. We were already going off-season and mid-week, so crowds were already going to be reduced. Now, it will be even more so. With the […]

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