A Natural Storyteller?

It has come up in my life on all fronts; I tell stories. Not fictional tales, but stories of my life. Whether it is to my kids, a patient, a group of friends around a campfire – I tell stories. Many, many stories…… Apparently I am considered to be good at it? I am told […]

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Until the situation settles down and people regain their composure, we have decided to reschedule our Grande Adventure till later summer. Well, crap!

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With the virus continuing to cause panic, there has been much discussion on whether or not to cancel the trip. We have decided not to, at least not at this time. We were already going off-season and mid-week, so crowds were already going to be reduced. Now, it will be even more so. With the […]

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The Next Grande Adventure

For us, it is last minute, but we have decided where our next adventure is taking us….Atlanta, Ga. The end of March/beginning of April will find us exploring Atlanta on our terms. While everything has been researched and planned, I know damn good and well that the trip never does turn out the way it […]

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Always Room For 1(or2) More

I received a call from a dear friend last night. Due to drama that I will spare you from, she no longer has a place to park her home. She’s a bit of a nomad without a spot for the winter. She has one now; my place. So now there will be 3 non-traditional families […]

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Olive Garden’s Gluten Free Menu

I was given a gift certificate to Olive Garden for my birthday. My initial knee-jerk was, ‘ regift it, pass it on. There’s nothing there for me.’ However, I checked out their website where they were trumpeting the new availability of gluten free pasta, shown with multiple pictures of various pasta dishes in the background. […]

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