Don't Invalidate the Journey

YOU ARE UNIQUE YOU ARE SPECIAL YOU ARE NOT ALONE What you are experiencing is valid and real. It doesn’t matter if someone has it worse, you can still be overwhelmed and/or heartbroken. Someone will ALWAYS have it worse than you. Someone will ALWAYS have it better than you. What you are experiencing is still […]

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Why the Anger?

I don’t understand why strangers will totally go off on me for no perceived reason. I don’t understand why people think it is OK to verbally attack people. Not only a stranger, but with minimal provication. I was told by friends that this was an occurrence that happened to me more than others. But then […]

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Hello to #36

My little rambling blog has 36 subscribers. #36 added them self a couple days ago. To you a wave and say a hearty, ‘Hello’, and then I turn to everybody and awkwardly wave to the rest of you! This blog is in many ways, the journal of a survivor. Of molestation, of abuse, of rape, […]

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Over time, I have noticed that a lot of people that survived bad things ended up with chronic illnesses. I wondered if I was the only one seeing a correlation. Then, I saw something about an ACEs test. It basically scores the horrible things you survived and the higher the number, the more likely you […]

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4 Years Ago Today

Today, tonight really, marks 4 years since I made a very fateful phone call that eventually led me here. I sat in my car, after doing special prep, in a specifically chosen location, and made the conscience effort to say FTS. My reasons are irrelevant now, and yet I still hold by them. I heard […]

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It started here: Then it continued here: And then, here:  / Not a word was said about the additional locks. However, I can no longer count on anything staying in the fridge. My place is to maintain Nerdling’s weight – not hers. I shouldn’t have to haul those groceries with us when we […]

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