I don’t understand. Yes, It is flu. Yes, it is a strain previously unknown.

…but these mutated strains pop up every few years…

The flu strains we do know kills thousands every year, and we all bear it. It sweeps through and we press on. It sweeps through every year. I do not understand why this new one is making everyone loose their minds so thoroughly.

TOILET PAPER???? Fights that require police intervention and persons to need medical treatment over shitter paper?? Demands and runs in one country seems to push the demand in the next….and the next…and the next. Seeing that one item can’t be maintained through the supply line leads to panic in another category. Hand sanitizer, wipes, cleaning products, wash soap, diapers, beans and rice and etc and etc and etc. A posting on social media seems to send others to the store, and the procedure continues to spiral.

Yes, the flu is rather virulent, being the worst on those with chronic health issues and the aged, LIKE MOST THINGS THAT GET PASSED ABOUT.

The fear is spiraling out of control. Take a breath. Wash your hands. Hug your family. Try to calm. Be sensible.

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