…..Because the Rain WILL Come…..

A tenant of Mormonism is (something along the lines of) Do not prepare in case of rain, prepare FOR rain, because the rain WILL COME! Regardless of how I may feel about Mormonism, I cannot argue with this statement.

Hard times, times of rain, will happen – PREPARE! Slowly build surplus for times when you cannot get these items. Power failures, ice storms, unexpected expenses injury/illness, huge stuff, little stuff – it’s good to be ready.

Maybe it is because I have learned to trust few but myself, but in case of problems, I prefer to stand on my own as much as possible. It’s hard to prepare when you are poor, but you can do it slowly. Focus on one potential at a time. A damn good first aid kit. A back up source of cooking. Food for 72 hours above consumption. Then a week without needing to go to the store….and on ….and on.

The recent runs on the store show me that me meager stores have been the best of ideas. Dave Ramsey (who advocates for no stores or stocks, to use that money to pay down debt) can kiss my ass! It’s easy to go further into debt of you don’t have a cushion, and all the emergency savings in the world won’t get it for you when no store has it in stock.

This time of concern and panic will pass. When it does…LEARN! Rain shall come again, although it will likely be of a different kind of storm. So please, consider an “umbrella” in advance of the next rain.

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