Planning the Next Grande Adventure

Traveling takes preplanning, for most people-anyway. Add traveling with children to the mix and it DEFINITELY takes preplanning. Unless, of course, your only at-home child is a 16 year old with a free spirit. I would LOVE to still be able to book a room and go on a trip, but those days are gone for me. When gluten makes you sick, you have to plan more- even for just leaving the house.

Planning ahead has HAD to become second nature with gluten free, combined with chronic fatigue and low blood sugar. Traveling becomes more so. This latest adventure is a week to Atlanta, Ga. The hotel is booked, and the public transportation system seems to be good for our needs. I have a whole list of places to go and see, far more than we could see in a week, and they are all close to bus stops. The hard part if now upon me. Weeding through the places to go, while figuring out what we are eating. It can be a challenge for the woman who cannot have gluten to be mother to the child who tries very hard to survive on a diet almost purely of burgers, pizza, pancakes, and cheese (and finding places where we can both eat without breaking the bank).

I am noticing that I am getting much better at planning these trips, maybe because my traveling partner is so mellow when traveling. Although there’s an outlook point on the top of a building where the mellow-ness may be lost.

So–Here’s to the planning of our next Grande Adventure! May it flow ever smoothly!

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