Review of Papa Murphy’s

A friend of mine told me that Papa Murphy( a chain of we make- you bake pizzas) recently told me that they had gluten free options. On a lark, without doing any further research, I decided to check it out.

There was no one in the store, save a single employee at the pizza assembly table. Once I stated that I hadn’t placed an online order, I was told he would be done with his current order in a few minutes, and he’d take my order afterwards. OK. Fine.

In looking at the menu, I saw no mention of gluten free options, only keto friendly options. I wasn’t overly concerned; redoing menus and such can be costly and it might be waiting for the next big reprint. I asked him about their gluten friendly options and if they were similar to the keto ones.

‘They aren’t the same.’ No elaboration, no further statement. I then asked if they had any gluten free options.

‘I don’t understand why you people even come in here! Go home! No one can accommodate you. Don’t tell me you’re gluten free from medical necessity; you’re too fat for that!’

‘No worries, I’m leaving now.’ ‘Good,’ he said. Well we agreed on something.

While true, I didn’t do my research prior to entering, I see no reason for the tirade that was unleashed upon me. While they may never have gluten free options and I might never partake in their product personally, it makes no sense to me to alienate a potential customer. I am sorry if he has been exposed to poor treatment from previous gluten free people, but IT WASN’T ME! It’s not the first restaurant to give me some sort of “how dare you try to eat amoungst us, you mutant!” attitude, but it rarely fails to dismay me.

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