What I Miss about Gluten

The biggest thing I miss about gluten is the ease of eating. Gluten is in everything – not just bread products. Many prepared foods have gluten in it as a thickener, and most sauces do as well. I can’t just run into the kitchen and make a sandwich. I can’t just grab a can and heat it up….I have to cook a lot more. I can make the same things (often) from scratch, it just takes more time. I can thicken something through reducing.

Eating out is the same thing, it takes a lot more discussing. There are places like Red Robin and most Mexican places that make it easy to stay gluten free. However, I can pretty much not eat fast food again, and most buffets are out too. So my choices in eating out are more limited, but you work around it.

I feel guilty that I can’t really take my kid out for doughnuts or pizza (and enjoy it with them) Nerdling won’t let me take her to those places anymore because she knows I wouldn’t be able to eat.

Traveling can be more challenging too. Snacks and eating on the road can make things more worrisome. However, with a little bit of planning ahead, I don’t have to worry too much.

I know I could get all the gluten free substitute stuff, but I really don’t want to play chemist in trying to find good recipes, or the expense in getting those things.


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