I’ve been craving quesadillas lately. Well, that’s out when you can’t have gluten. Ya, there’s tons of stuff out there catering to the no gluten crowd, but I’ve avoided it. I have heard phrases such as, ‘cardboard sadness’, and I decided to save the money and just not do the special made stuff. Who wants to spend 7.00 for a loaf of bread? I know I can’t see my way clear of that! ….but…but quesadillas! So I broke down and found a sandwich wrap. OMG I ate like a piggie all weekend. A total of 3 HUGE quesadillas with all sorts of good stuff were eaten by me all weekend. NOM! Chicken and shrimp and veggies and cheese and…just NOM. Yes, I gained 5lbs over the weekend! But the craving has been dealt with! PLUS 3.74 for a package of 6 very large wraps….it’s a good deal.

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