I-9 Documents

Your I-9 documents are the ones you use to prove your citizenship and write to work in the US. For most Americans, this is your Social Security Card and your Drivers Lic – but there are documents that you can use.

As soon as the name change came in, I started. Social Security card MUST be done first.

They wanted LOTS of documents, far more than their page says, but after some back and forth, it was done!

The next day, I went straight to the DMV. Once it was my turn at the counter, and I stated my reason for being there today. She congratualted me on my new marriage. I told her it was a non-marriage related name change.  I was barraged by a surprising group of Questions( or were they questions?):

Is this a name change affiliated with a same-sex marriage? Cause we don’t honor that here, you’ll have to go through the Probate Judge. (No. Here’s the court order)

Is this name change in affiliation with gender-reassignment surgery? Cause we don’t honor that here. (No. Do you need proof of gender? Here’s my birth certificate, and I’ll drop my pants right here….) That won’t be necessary.

So why did you rename yourself? (I have always hated that name, and it was time to finally dump it.) I don’t know how I feel about that. (Will your feelings affect my getting me ID changed? Sit in the chair for your photo.



I changed my name to dump an albatross, and this has definitely begun a stream of unintended consequences.




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