Bed Bugs

One of the dirty little secrets of Caregiving, is Bed bugs happen.

Bed bugs are becoming a more and more common thing. When you have people going in and out of someone’s home – you open yourself up to them accidentally bringing all sorts of bugs with them.

Recently, one of my patients was found to have bed bugs. A few things immediantly occurred:

  • all caregivers were immediately removed from any other patient other than the bug home.
  • This near suspension could only be ended with an all-clear bug inspection.
  • You could choose not to go back to the patient’s home, but you were still suspended.
  • Our other patient’s were NOT INFORMED why we were being removed from them, or if/when we would be back.

The family must have their home treated, before new caregivers could be added for their care.


At least around here, Bed bugs have been rather rampant. Local libraries, stores, even the local Social Security office have been closed due to treatment of bed bugs.


My office used to supply us with a tea tree oil spray, but we now must provide our own since the office decided it costs too much.

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