Nerdling Gets Sick

Nerdling has a history of impeccable health. Almost never ill.

But our streak is over – at least for now.

What started out as a little allergy sinus draining, turned into threatening pneumonia, very irritated eyes….progressed struggling to breathe, and what looked like pink eye in both eyes.  She walked into my room last Sunday….and I said it was time to go to Urgent Care.  ‘What’s Urgent Care?’ It doesn’t matter, will explain in the car.

She has been so far removed from the medical system that she didn’t know what Urgent Care really was – she does now. She thought there was nothing but the ER. Glad we didn’t end up there- we had other options.

We walked in after they were open less than 15 minutes, and everything went very fast – until it was time for them to do a throat culture. It is times like this when I wish she had had a few more minor illnesses so that things like this wouldn’t be an end all type of thing. But it was. Three nurses tried, and failed. She was melted down in a panic attack. The Dr was able to do it with her lightening reflexes. NO STREP! YAY!  …but that did mean that she had a sinus infection that extended to her ears and eyes. A couple meds, and we’ll be good to go.

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