So,You want to be a Caregiver??

An article in the ‘Caring for the Elderly’ series

Being a caregiver is a good job, but it has to be more than a job. You actually have to give a shit and care about people. It MUST be more than a paycheck.

Are you qualified?

Basically, if you care about people, don’t need much supervision, and are reliable- then YES! If you’ve taken care of a friend or family member during a time when they could not care for themselves, that’s a bonus. However, if you have the heart for it, a company will train you. There’s a METRIC-BUTTLOAD of videos on You Tube to help you, including some facilities that post their training videos, and some from the Red Cross.

Are you ok with working with adults with differing levels of ability? Can you provide compassion to someone who you are not related to? Are you willing to bring your lunch to work everyday? If so – maybe this is something you should consider.


It also makes a good second job, and a job as a student.

Just something to think about.

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