I have stated before that this country is obsessed with weight. It is better to be sick, starving, hateful, bitter, manipulative, dishonest, etc — cause, ‘ At least she’s not fat’!


I know several women who have had serious health issues disregarded by Dr.s cause it was blamed on their weight. (If there was a diagnosis later, it’s in parenthesis)

  • Your knee hurts? You haven’t pulled a ligament, you’re fat!
  • Your hip hurts? You’re fat- loose weight. (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Having trouble conceiving? Loose 100 lbs and you’ll start making babies so fast, you’ll ask me to make them stop! (excess tissue in the fallopeon tubes)
  • Your back hurts? Loose weight. (scoliosis)
  • You’re too young to be complaining that you’re tired all the time. You’re fat, try eating a vegetable. Let your first bit of exercise be pushing the plate away from you. (Multiple Sclerosis)

and on

and on

and on

Many of these conditions could have been handled so much better if they had been addressed earlier. Women who are heavy are often dismissed without further testing – even when the complaint is repeated on return visits, even after weight loss.

We are labeled as “attention whores”, “drug seekers”, “hypochondriacs”, “lazy”, and many other things.

Fat is not the cause of all issues. Yes, they may contribute – but not be the whole thing.  Maybe cause that’s how we see fat people. Disposable. Useless. Worthless. Ugly. Less than.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a case study on the BMI of suicides……


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