The Overlooked Side of Grief

Grief is not solely about death, it’s about change and accepting that change.

Grief is about the acceptance process that will accompany the new normal.

Grief wears many masks, it doesn’t only come with death, and it’s not always as clear.

Grief is our response to change; good or bad.

Yes, good! We can have grief over good things happening in our life!

A new job can leave us grieving for our friends back at the other job, or schedule, or the overall environment, or parts unknown! The birth of a new child can have you grieving over the loss of freedom, or unexpected income changes, or anything! Even something as monumentous as winning the lottery can cause grief! Coping with the new financial burden, adjusting to life changes, early retirement, changes in your realities.

Changes in realities, that’s what grief is! We all like structure. grief is about CHANGE Adjusting to it, acknowledging it, accepting it.

There’s another bedfellow with grief brought on by positive situations – guilt! Yes! Guilt over feeling grief over a happy occurrence! The overall feeling that you are experiencing something good and wonderful and positive. How dare you be sad that you moved – you’re now in a better job that pays more, and moving was just a part of it – you should be glad you are out of that horrible place. How dare you feel grief over the birth of your baby! Babies are wonderful and if you feel grief over some loss of freedom, you’re just selfish. How dare you feel guilty about the lifestyle change that winning the lottery brings on – you’ll have dozens upon dozens of people that will be more than happy of pulling this burden from you.


Pure, bovine scatology.

You have every right to feel grief over a life change, regardless of what others may think.

People can often be jerks.

You are completely justified in feeling grief over the change. If the feelings are overwhelming, reach out and get some guidance. You don’t have to go the road alone.


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