What started as a hope to not need a scooter for the last Grande Adventure has turned into almost a daily meditation. What began as barely making it around a local man-made pond has turned into a miles-long daily trek. This has taken a period of months, and was never done with intent for it to evolve like this. Recently, I was almost hit by a car. A vehicle not paying attention to the world around them plowed right through a pedestrian light, actively speeding up and going around the cars in front of them when they didn’t see anyone. They didn’t see 200#+ me wearing an orange shirt starting to cross their lane. Luckily, I don’t trust vehicles to follow the rules of the road, and watch everyone come close to stopping before I cross, and was able to backpedal and move back enough to clear the path.

However, when one of your flare symptoms is the loosening of connective tissues, a giant pivot like that is enough to bugger your ankle.

No break, no dislocation, just an ankle that hurts like hell with every step. Back to the bloody cane, and a boot added for a time. No jogging or staircases for at least 3 weeks, and my walks are to be limited to my original flat path around the park.

A special thank you to the police officer who came across the scene, and gave me a ride back to my car.

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