Last Will and Testament

I have planned my funeral a lot. I’ve had a legally binding Will since I was 19. I’m not obsessed with death – at least I don’t think I am – but I have had circumstances throughout my life that has led me to think that the Veil is where I’m headed.

We’re all going to die, that’s a fact of life. Sooner or later, we’re all going to cross the Veil.There’s times I feel like I have lived my life close to the Veil. Before the age of 40, I have said the Final Goodbye to all grandparents, both parents, all siblings, most aunts, most uncles, and 2 children. That’s a lot. Most of that was before 20.  I have sung by many gravesides in loss – and once. Only one was a quick and violent death from the outside world.

I have seen the chaos that happens when you die without a Will. I have watched the vultures come to their homes to pick through their stuff and take what they wanted before the body was even cold. I’ve watched as the attempt was made to throw away over 100 years of family photographic history because they weren’t of resale value.

Death can bring out the worst amoungst the living – those left behind. A statement made of an item promised and not written down becomes a bone of contention for decades. Someone rewrites their will and doesn’t tell everyone, and the person who may have driven them gets accused of manipulating the now deceased.

We are not promised a day on this Earth, PLEASE get a Will written up, even if you think you don’t have anything. You may have a car, a kid, a cat. Those are something. It will save a lot of heartache and bullshit for those of us still here. You can get them done on legal zoom, legally binding for all 50 states for under $100.

I added a little statement to mine. It gave the lawyer types fits to fix it legally. It basically says, ‘anyone who retains an attorney other than for the purposes of reading or interpreting this document is automatically forfeiting any claim to any of my estate’. They said it was a touch savage. Sometimes,that’s what’s needed.

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