A Crappy First Date

Through an online dating site, I have chatted with a few men. Most of the conversations do not last more than a few minutes. I have a specific list of deal-breakers, and most guys stumble into them quickly.

However, there has been one man that passed the written English competency requirement, and a meet had been scheduled. A nice lunch at a local steakhouse.  I can overlook the fact that he was 20 minutes late, but I cannot overlook it when he stated that he wasn’t in this country legally – and that he was looking for a woman to give him a cover to pursuit citizenship. The meeting had already been going horribly up to that point. Our meal had arrived before I found out this information, so I stuck around long enough to eat. However, apparently, there was gluten, wheat, or corn in my meal and my system started to rebel rather quickly. I flagged down a waitress, told her I was on a bad first date, gave her my table location, what I ordered, and my card to pay for my meal as I ran off to the bathroom.

A manager was waiting for me near the restroom with my card, and escorted me to my car through a side door. I hurriedly left the area and blocked him as soon as I could. According to the manager, he’d been escorted out because he had grown impatient with my absence and attempted to enter the women’s room. It was a mess, but it’s over now.


…and am having to ask myself yet again – is the potential of a relationship worth all this bullshit.

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