July’s final Adventure

How quickly the days run by us as we become overwhelmed by the day to day bullshit. How can it be the end of July already? Disbelief or not, it is – summer is quickly coming to an end, and the scent of cafeteria food and the sounds of class bells are quickly approaching. I wasn’t the only one who desired one more adventure for July – the roads were crowded with RV’s, boats, and trucks loaded with the tools of summer adventure.  Our trip had a primary purpose, to visit CB and meet the girlfriend.

So off we went with care packages and the last of CB’s personal belongings packed into the car. The trip was smooth and the GPS accurate (GASP!) We dropped off our load and piled back in to take everyone to lunch. A wonderful lunch of sushi and conversation. She is a lovely woman, and I like her very much. I think Princess likes her better than CB! After 2 1/2 hours(!) over lunch, I invited her to do our errands with us and she accepted.

When the time finally came to take our leave, we headed down the road with a now empty vehicle, heading for  a city we don’t often stop in and visited friends. A night filled with pizza and games for Princess, while I headed over to a friends dinner party. After a few hours sleep on a friend’s extra room, we got back into the car. Soo after received an invitation with other friends for lunch. There was still energy – so, SURE! By the end of lunch, I was quickly running out of spoons. A quick run for necessity items at the grocery store, and it was back to the house for us, with a quick stop to return the rented car.

It was only 35 hours, but it took more than twice that long in bed to recover. But oh! What a great time!


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