Enterprise Rent-a-Car

On most adventures, I rent a car. My car is old and I don’t wish to put the added stress on it. I also don’t trust all mechanics, and I don’t know any out of town – so just another reason to want to try to avoid a breakdown. We always rent through Enterprise, and this time we went to a new-for-us location. The car we were given was covered in dead bugs, and some of the climate control vents were broken (and it turns out was infested with fleas, and some other stuff too). I didn’t want to burn any more spoons prior to our adventure, so I made sure everything was noted down so I wouldn’t be blamed, and left.
As other issues kept cropping up, we just kept going — it was just a one day rental. The car ran, the AC worked – everything else was extra.

However, I did have Princess transcribe a letter to be turned in with the keys giving them a list of what was going on with it and a specific request that I was NOT requesting a refund or anything – just wanted to let them know that the car had issues and they can’t fix what they don’t know is broken. So a note written in a moving car on sketch paper in hot pink ink was deposited in the key drop long with the keys.

I received a call first thing this morning from that location’s manager with nothing but apologies. Apparently those keys were in the “send to repair shop” pile (trust me, it needed it), and never should have been rented out. He saw that I didn’t request a refund, but he did anyway. That was nice of him. He said the car had already been bug bombed, and was on the way to the mechanic. Good to hear.

Just a note to say in a day where businesses don’t seem to acknowledge issues or errors and such, Enterprise did.

Thank you Enterprise.

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