Little Girl, is your Daddy Home?

It’s happened so many times that I have lost count.!Times when I have walked into a store and been talked down to or my patronage disregarded. I will be the first to admit that I am short, fat, ugly, and nearly always underestimated. I despise being disregarded. However, it happens all the time. Whether I […]

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Cheddar’s Scratch Restaurant

A recent visit to Cheddar’s revealed a new change to their menu – a gluten free version. It’s small, presented on a menu 1/4 the size of the regular menu, but you only need one meal-right? Basically, it is a breakdown of what is gluten free off their regular, or what to request so that […]

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Final Adventure of 2018

One more adventure to finish out the year, albeit a small one. What started out as a small trip to the movies, ended up in me getting so angry….I shouldn’t have gotten so angry- and I was unable to let it go for quite some time. In order to express out my anger, we visited […]

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The Hell Box

While the name sounds ominous, the package presents innocently enough. It took two people to slide the box across the floor to present to Nerdling – it was a refrigerator box. It was wrapped in festive paper. A single layer of standard Holiday paper. Nerdling became excited as it was realized that there were no […]

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Blogging for 2019

I started blogging last year, as those who read this know. I like this little spot of cyberspace. I like to write whatever topic strikes me. I like that I’m not hemmed in by a schedule. I plan to continue blogging, health and life willing. In doing so, there shall be more adventures, more things […]

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