3 years, and Counting….

Three years – time we were told that I wouldn’t have. All discussed at the Christmas Party. Although we’ve had the party for more than three years, these last three have been the most notable since I was told I wouldn’t be here. I continue to improve. The first year, I was barely awake on […]

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Annual Christmas Party

Every year, about a week or two before Halloween, I hold my annual Christmas party. It involves food, Christmas music, and putting up my tree.The attendants are always the same. My BFF, and whatever kids we have at home. It’s been like growing up pics with them. Due to a mouse infestation of the old […]

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Goodbye Stan Lee

By now, those far more ellequent than I have written about the many accomplishments of this man. He was an artist, and a comic book artist at that. They don’t get much respect, but Stan Lee was a creative genus. One of those types that grace us for awhile and leave a mark that few […]

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Trying to Keep it Positive

People suck. As a whole, they do. If you put your faith in humanity as a whole – they will disappoint you every time. There are just enough negative people in this world to convince me that all people are shit. All people are shit – occasionally. Sometimes, I get bitter. All my guards want […]

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Passports are In!

In preparation for our Grande Adventure in the summer of 2019, we applied for our passports last month. I guess I shouldn’t have been nervous but I was. Even more so when knowing that my name no longer matched Nerdling’s birth certificate. Since passport packages are separated from another, I’m glad I had two copies […]

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The Most Recent Adventure

Imagine, if you will, 30-35ft giant while inflatable bunnies. In various bunny posses, that light up at night. For two weeks, these inflatable bunnies stood vigil over the park. On the weekends, they were joined by light and fire dancers, DJ’s, dancers, food trucks, ax throwers and all sorts of people. ‘It’s like a family […]

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Post-dating is my friend

I love the post-dating feature! Not only does it help preserve my personal illusion of being anonymous on the internet, but it also allows distance. When something posts, I’m not there anymore. I’ve often been out of a specific area or location for days if not weeks. I’m a divorced mom, living with a roommate […]

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