A Little Insight

A recent discussion about things I have knowledge of and where that knowledge came from. I learned how to weld from my Grandfather’s shop. He was a metal fabricator. I learned how to work with wood from my Uncle, he was a master woodworker. …And so the list continued. Summers spent here, hours after school […]

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Cast of Characters, May 2020

This blog is not a work of fiction, but those in my life are most certainly characters! By popular request, this will be a once a month (ish) post to give you an idea of the persons I post about, hopefully filling in a little bit of background and giving you a more complete picture […]

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I am NOT Being Harmed

With acres of grass to maintain and a giant tree to help haul away….I am more and more being marked with bruises that I am not sure how they occurred. This includes scratched, bites, and bumps. I’ve been loosing weight. I’ve been working insane hours and come home to do yard work until I collapse […]

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Ignoring the Elderly

On the recently passed Memorial Day, I again watched the as one of my patients was ignored by her family. This particular woman lives in the basement of her son’s home. The son has a houseful of family. We could hear the large amount of people overhead. Even she remarked, ‘Sounds like a party up […]

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Adding an Anti-Anxiety Med

Right before Covid precautions started shutting everything down, I finally gave into my Dr’s recommendations and started taking an anti-anxiety drug. Low dose. A dose so low it is below the recommended pediatric threshold/guidelines. The joke is that I don’t take a pill, I just lick it! With my boy’s hypersensitive nature towards meds, it […]

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Not Posting Much

There’s been some missed posts lately, and there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. With local businesses reopening, the child care issues that existed for co-workers after the schools shut down but before the service industry shut down have reemerged. That means that work is constantly contacting me for more shifts. That […]

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Original Intent

If you have read back to the beginnings of the blog, you’ll find that it was started under the advisement of an unknown man on the other side of a suicide hotline call. He thought that some of the things I told him would be an inspirational to others. He asked me if I ever […]

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