Continuing On The Catch-Up Quest

To my shock and surprise,November 2019 cleaned up and filled up very well and easily. December had zero initial posting, and only again started in January. I’m going to go ahead and clean up though Jan 10, 2019. At least the clean up will be complete. Will just have to continue the note-postings. So I […]

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Today's "rehab the blog" Goal

In keeping with the goal of finishing the edit of old posts, it is my goal to go through November 2019 and weed and edit. I also will attempt to do more post dating for September 2019. So to those who receive a notice for every posting, I appoligize in advance for a potential onslaught […]

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Hello to #36

My little rambling blog has 36 subscribers. #36 added them self a couple days ago. To you a wave and say a hearty, and then I turn to everybody and awkwardly wave to the rest of you! This blog is in many ways, the journal of a survivor. Of molestation, of abuse, of rape, of […]

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Executive Decision

Does that make me an executive? LOL I am giving myself permission to nt backlog on the every other day posting. However, I will fill in the necessary blanks as things have happened in the “story-line”. I’m hoping to declare September ‘good enough’ by the end of the week. MAYBE(?) I can do the same […]

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300 Posts?!?

I know this number has been inadvertently inflated by my blog redo, but as of last stats, this blog has posted over 300 posts since it’s beginning (This post makes 306). YAY

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The Road To Hell

…is paved with good intentions – as I held yesterday. My goal was to use my notes and post 12 entries, I posted 2.Snort. However, today is still young and new and I shouldn’t have the burdens to my time that yesterday did….so here’s to hoping for writing productivity! I mean…..I can’t go back to […]

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