It started here: Then it continued here: And then, here:  / Not a word was said about the additional locks. However, I can no longer count on anything staying in the fridge. My place is to maintain Nerdling’s weight – not hers. I shouldn’t have to haul those groceries with us when we […]

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Today’s revisions, etc.

The second 14 hour day in a row at work. I have time to write, and read, and reflect. and post. lots of posts. lots Thank you to the person who pointed out that I posted 4 articles in mid June that were nothing more than the headline. All fixed. As post-dated posts have gone […]

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Today’s Posts and Changes

New Post, June 08,2019, Catalog of injuries New Post Nov 11, 2019, There’s always room for 1 (or 2) more New Post, Jun 10,2019, Non-traditional Friends New Post, Jun 12, 2019, C.B. Graduates New Post, Jun 14, 2019, Graduation Adventure New Post Jun 16, 2019 Lee-bear meets the Boy! New Post, Jun 18, 2019, CB’s […]

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Always Room For 1(or2) More

I received a call from a dear friend last night. Due to drama that I will spare you from, she no longer has a place to park her home. She’s a bit of a nomad without a spot for the winter. She has one now; my place. So now there will be 3 non-traditional families […]

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