Introducing – the new Icon/Logo. This is an original artwork by Nerdling. So-Where’s (the word) Living?? It’s off the edge. Yes, pun and all. I was asked what I wanted. I told her to think of me when she drew it. I’m not sure whether to be proud or concerned.

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The Blog as It Stands

Right now, in the middle of all of the posts, edits, and what seems like constant and reoccurring juggling of post dates, the blog has seen a massive uptick of activity in visits, likes and follows. The blogging site says I have posted over 200 posts, but they are not all here anymore. It has […]

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I’m STILL doing this?? YEP!

Somewhere in the middle of the blog rework, I was informed that I have written and posted over 200 times. WOW. My subscriber list is small, but I didn’t think a single person would follow this written train-wreck. The blog is in the middle of a change, and thank you for staying with us.

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Aren’t You Finished YET?? NOPE!

If you have been following any of the other posts, you know that I have been revamping the entire blog. I’ve streamlined articles and article topics, added intros into each article series, adding new posts (postdated) to aid with the flow so things make more sense. I’ve caught a TON of spelling, word choice, and […]

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Kicking Up Yet More Dust

If you have been with us from the beginning, thank you. I have been in a massive update, rewrite, reorganization, writing intros for, etc for many of the pieces, going through each entry one by one. Some things were put inĀ  a more logical order, some were just moved around. Here’s a little bit of […]

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An article in the ‘Tales from the Abyss’ Series.   When you are betrayed by the people who are supposed to love and protect you. When your first memories include those people who were supposed to protect you are hurting you. When you realize that those who are supposed to stand in the light and […]

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