College & Booze

The first summer CB came home for college, I wasn’t expecting the first real words out of his mouth to be to Nerdling. When it came to college life, he told her to not drink. Don’t touch booze, especially when you are out. If you’re going to drink, drink like Mom and drink at home […]

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An Ugly Truth

A topic that has been coming up more and more – and should – is the topic of inappropriate sexual behavior. I chose this particular phrasing because I’m going to cover a wide range of topics, and not only full out assaults. There is not a woman in this country that hasn’t heard an inappropriate […]

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A Bothersome Personal Trend

As I have stated before, I am kinda playing around with the dating process. I have a profile on a couple of the dating sites. I also know that my photos are inadvertently deceiving – my proportions are such that it can be hard to tell that I’m larger. Over 200#. I put it on […]

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If This is Poor…….

The other day, Nerdling asked about our economic status – I told her that according to the  Government tables, we are below the poverty line. We’re what? According to the federal Government, we’re poor. We’re poor? Yes How can we be poor? We own our own house. We have plenty to eat, I have everything […]

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My favorite patient gets to leave the house one day a week for a pilgrimage to go get lottery tickets, so we do talk about lottery stuff every Thursday. We discuss if he won anything, and what the jackpots are, and occasionally he asks me what I would do if I were to beat the […]


Nerdling Gets Sick

Nerdling has a history of impeccable health. Almost never ill. But our streak is over – at least for now. What started out as a little allergy sinus draining, turned into threatening pneumonia, very irritated eyes….progressed struggling to breathe, and what looked like pink eye in both eyes.  She walked into my room last Sunday….and […]

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I-9 Documents

Your I-9 documents are the ones you use to prove your citizenship and write to work in the US. For most Americans, this is your Social Security Card and your Drivers Lic – but there are documents that you can use. As soon as the name change came in, I started. Social Security card MUST […]

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