Lessons Learned??

At some point, we shall emerge from our caves and step back into public. What can be taken away from all this? I hope people will start better planning for emergencies. Keeping a (minimum) 2 week supply of basics isn’t horribly excessive. It doesn’t kill the budget if you do it slowly. I hope people […]

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Don't Invalidate the Journey

YOU ARE UNIQUE YOU ARE SPECIAL YOU ARE NOT ALONE What you are experiencing is valid and real. It doesn’t matter if someone has it worse, you can still be overwhelmed and/or heartbroken. Someone will ALWAYS have it worse than you. Someone will ALWAYS have it better than you. What you are experiencing is still […]

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Run Regret

I’m seeing in the news about how some of these people bought hording level amounts of stuff are trying to return them……I am SO HAPPY that there are signs at some of these stores suspending most returns. These self-centered panicking people created some of this cluster fuck. What starts as a news story in other […]

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Like so many other areas, our metropolitan area is closed. It took us a few days to get here, but we are here. Any place where people can gather is off limits. Anything that sells things other than necessities like food and medicine are now closed. Many people are lost and stir crazy for wanting […]

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Until the situation settles down and people regain their composure, we have decided to reschedule our Grande Adventure till later summer. Well, crap!

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I don’t understand. Yes, It is flu. Yes, it is a strain previously unknown. …but these mutated strains pop up every few years… The flu strains we do know kills thousands every year, and we all bear it. It sweeps through and we press on. It sweeps through every year. I do not understand why […]

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