Thanksgiving Adventure

Like so many families, we packed up and drove to be with family over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Through a series of well timed events, the drive to see CB was happily without incident. Everything transported well, and his apartment was filled with good food and good smells. I experimented with a few gluten free recipes, […]

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No matter the season, a week doesn’t seem to go by without a scam warning across the news. It might be a new one, or a modernization of an old one – but it’s there. There’s days that it feels like there are more people out there trying to steal money than there are those […]

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every year

Every year at this time, sometimes earlier, I would give my kids a little lecture somewhere between the store’s outer doors and the first few feet inside. It would go a little something like this: This time of year, everyone is twice as hurried, twice as impatient, and twice as grumpy. So I ask that […]

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Fur Babies

Just a day after posting the fur-baby roll call Inky disappeared, and Dale did also-3 days later. Chipmunk won’t leave the house, and seems very upset, so I’m guessing that he saw whatever happened to his brothers. I have seen no signs – good or bad. I’m not holding much hope of them coming home […]

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Dear Word press

I do not care for the changes you have made to the editor in which I write my blogs. I guess it has increased flexibility for some, but for me, it has all the clunkiness of early versions of Microsoft Word. Tags disappeared for several days, and I can’t reedit them back in. Yes, I’m […]

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The Skating adventure

For the last several years, a nearby city sets up a skating rink for the community. It is the biggest fundraiser for that city’s art museum. Nerdling and I went to opening day. She skated, I didn’t. Most parents were like me, waiting on the sidelines. It was so wonderful seeing all of the people […]

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