Pack Rat

When he and I began talking on the phone, he asked me if I was a pack rat. I didn’t think so, and I said as much. He disagreed with my original assessment as he stood in my closet surrounded by such piles on the shelves that it seemed the walls might cave in; blankets […]

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24 subscribers. It seems like a very nice number to me, with many of them coming about with all of my changes and republishing at all sorts of hours. It has brought more people to this page – and a staggering one day page view of over 60! By many standard, 24 isn’t much, but […]

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More adjustments and changes

March 2019 has my attention this evening, at least the 18th through the end of the month. Until I can get everything caught up and put into the way that I want it, I’m going to set aside the every 2 day posting, I’ll just post as soon as it is complete. I’ll fix it […]

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I know, I know

I have been silent. No posts; no work on the backlog; no revisions; no edits; no guiding this obscure little blog into it’s newly undefined purpose. Just. Silence. I have been pouring all of my time into a renewed interest of Lee-Bear’s, reading. Yes, he’s a reader. It seems that more women than men are […]

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4 Months

Today marks 4 months since I have met Lee-Bear. We have had our ups and downs, but it has mostly been up. I do not remember when I have ever felt more comfortable in a man’s presence. I love him very dearly.

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They Don’t Pay Enough to Care

An article in the caring for the elderly series….. It doesn’t matter how much somebody pays you to do a job, it is impossible to pay someone enough for them to love their charge as much as the person who employs them. Example, when you hire a babysitter, you are not hiring them to raise […]

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