What-all Contains Gluten

It is everywhere. The following grains and starches contain gluten: Wheat Wheat germ Rye Barley Bulgur Couscous Farina Graham flour Kamut Matzo Semolina Spelt Triticale The following foods often contain gluten: malt/malt flavoring soups commercial bullion and broths cold cuts French fries (often dusted with flour before freezing) processed cheese (e.g., Velveeta) mayonnaise ketchup malt […]

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It Would Have Been Easier

It has been asked of me why I have been going to all the trouble of going back through every posting and updating, reorganizing, replacing,etc. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to delete everything and start over? In a word? Yes. …but no. This blog has always been about the journey. The journey began with […]

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More Changes

New article: Definition of it’s complicated: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/livinofftheedge.com/874 In December 2018 New Article: First Date: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/livinofftheedge.com/866 April 07, 2019 New Article: Joyous Day https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/livinofftheedge.com/886 December 25, 2018 Addition to ‘A Mama’s Guide’ series: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/livinofftheedge.com/866 …And with those changes, The editing/refresh is complete up to January 01, 2019

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New Purpose

As I revamp, rework, and repurpose this blog…many things have changed. Gone are all of the posts about our pets, and budgeting. They seem to be against the new purpose. The new purpose? Well, that shall be better defined once the edits have reached this point. The edits and rescheduling have been completed and detailed […]

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Introducing – the new Icon/Logo. This is an original artwork by Nerdling. So-Where’s (the word) Living?? It’s off the edge. Yes, pun and all. I was asked what I wanted. I told her to think of me when she drew it. I’m not sure whether to be proud or concerned.

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The Blog as It Stands

Right now, in the middle of all of the posts, edits, and what seems like constant and reoccurring juggling of post dates, the blog has seen a massive uptick of activity in visits, likes and follows. The blogging site says I have posted over 200 posts, but they are not all here anymore. It has […]

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