The Abyss

Recently, a Facebook post of mine was misunderstood. What was simply made as a post to state I was looking for a new car was misunderstood as a statement of self-harm, namely suicide. A dozen private messages and 2 calls from local law enforcement later found me quite embarrassed – and perplexed. Even the officers […]

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My Guardian Angel(s)

I have and will continue to maintain that my Guardian Angel drinks-likely heavily.     A few weekends ago, the energy of my body and of the day were such that I was outside with a chainsaw. I was taking down some of the smaller trees that were unwanted. The saw bucked and kicked-right to […]

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Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

I know, I say I won’t go back and re-read/edit entrees – but I just can’t Taken from privately made suggestions/feedback/comments – I am going to redo the topic tags, and readjust things accordingly. It has also been suggested that I read my entries out loud, and make the necessary adjustments. It has also been […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Whether you feel this is a Hallmark Holiday, or a very special day to celebrate that special someone- I hope the day finds you well. If you are alone and do not wish to be, there always seems to be a flurry of special dating situations that spring up — may you find one. If […]

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What-all Contains Gluten

It is everywhere.   The following grains and starches contain gluten: Wheat Wheat germ Rye Barley Bulgur Couscous Farina Graham flour Kamut Matzo Semolina Spelt Triticale The following foods often contain gluten: malt/malt flavoring soups commercial bullion and broths cold cuts French fries (often dusted with flour before freezing) processed cheese (e.g., Velveeta) mayonnaise ketchup […]

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Why Gluten??

I started wondering why Gluten. It only seemed to come into the spotlight 20-30 years ago, but surely there was more to it than that. So – I did some research to find out the history, and am sharing the findings with you, footnoted.  With a conclusion on what I learned and my view of […]

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A Mama’s guide to: Groceries

I don’t care how much you make a year, buying food that you don’t eat is wasteful. It doesn’t matter if your cabinets are filled with the latest in healthy choices, or you buy a bag of lettuce that rots in the crisper drawer.  Food waste is money waste. Buy what you like in an […]

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