Grocery Store Savings

In an overall statement, the prices in grocery stores are the highest on the 1st of the month. As each week occurs, the sales of more commonly used items seem to increase to the best sales being the final full week of that month. Research suggests that this is due to the knowledge that more […]

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  I wish I could say that theft does not occur in the Care-giving world, but it does. It’s rare, but it happens. The agency I work for runs a background check on every applicant. This is limited to this state-at the most. The wider the area for the background check increases the cost, and […]

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Nerdling Goes to High School

  This year, we bid goodbye to homeschool, as Nerdling made the decision to attend public high school. One of her classes is robotics. She likes the process of programming and such, and thought it would be great fun. I think it’s great that the school offers something that peaks her interest. She is the […]

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Budgeting Ninja – ALERT

Right now is a great time to find bargains in many things, as retailers are nearing the quarterly tax deadline is coming up at the end of August. Have seen some wonderful bargains in most categories. Now is a great time to stock your freezer and cabinets for the upcoming months – or your local […]

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I am Happy for You

  For awhile now, there has been a practice I refer to as cupcake envy. If someone notices that I have even one more sprinkle on my cupcake – or if they even think that I MIGHT have one more sprinkle than they do….I run the risk of them not just taking enough to make […]

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Elder Abuse

  As the population in the US continues to age, more and more persons are going to be prone to elder abuse. Just because it sucks doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. The symptoms are similar, but there are some twists to the difference. Unexplained bruising While very common in both children and adults as […]

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Nerdling’s New Adventure

Like so many people have been doing, we’ve been homeschooling- until now. Nerdling has decided that she wishes to attend Public High School. I took her to her Dr, made sure her shot record was up to date, gathered all the documents needed for enrollment and did the paperwork. She’s enrolled. But not enrolled. All […]

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