Eating out with a gluten and corn sensitivity can be difficult, but not impossible. Here’s a bit of a review of our latest meal at IHOP during our must recent birthday adventure. (I’ll post more about that in a different post) IHOP – even the name sounds problematic. I might as well read it as […]

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Brain Fog Pt. 2

Instead of adding, I’ll just put this as a separate entry to drive my point home. Sometimes, brain fog can have us forgetting and remembering in such succession, that we can’t remember if we’ve said it out loud or not – So I may tell you something 10 times, or not at all. That can […]

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Brain Fog

With many chronic health issues, a reoccurring symptom is “brain fog”. A hazing of mental acuity, resulting in actions that are commonly seen in persons who are not otherwise mentally altered state. It is similar to having been awake for days at a time, but it isn’t from sleep deprivation. It’s caused by a variety […]

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Back when I was a kid, I was bullied unmercifully.  When I told an adult, it would just get worse. It rather hearkened back to getting spanked to the level of a whoopin’ because if I was going to cry, I was going to be given a reason to cry about. So I said nothing […]

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The Overlooked Side of Grief

Grief is not solely about death, it’s about change and accepting that change. Grief wears many masks, it doesn’t only come with death, and it’s not always as clear. Grief is our response to change; good or bad. Yes, good! We can have grief over good things happening in our life! A new job can […]

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Name Change

I don’t expect you to understand. I don’t have expectations that another living soul can comprehend how much I despised that name I was given at birth. I balled up a lot of hate, resentment and pain and pushed it into that name. I had tried renaming myself . It never stuck, but it was […]

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Recovery Takes Time

When your body does not respond typically to medical protocol, therefore you must avoid medical intervention whenever possible – recovering from injury takes time. I have gotten to the point where my morning walks have been able to start again. Still having trouble with my shoulder, but that should heal in time. Adventures have mostly […]

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